Wedding Cookies

Heart Wedding Cookiesmore...

Personalised Place Name Wedding Favours
Price: £2.95 Quantity:

Wedding Ring Cookiesmore...

Place Name Markers and Wedding Favours
Price: £2.95 Quantity:

Personalised Wedding Cookiesmore...

Individual Scottish Shortbread Biscuits printed with edible images taken from your Wedding invitations, photographs or with the name of each individual guest written in icing.
Price: £2.95 Quantity:

Kilted Gingerbread Menmore...

10 Gents Tartan Gingerbread Wedding Cookies
Price: £36.50 Quantity:

Clear Gift Bags Smallmore...

50 Favour Bags
Price: £1.98 Quantity:

Clear Gift Bags Largemore...

50 Wedding Favour or Cookie Bags with ties.
Price: £2.26 Quantity:

Heart Shaped Cookies

Our Wedding place name cookies are freshly baked, decorated and sealed in attractive bags which come in a wide range of beautiful designs including harlequin, burgundy, silver hearts and stars, red valentine hearts, gold embossed and many other styles.

They can be a Wedding place name marker and unique Wedding favour gift idea all in one delicious package!


Printed Shortbread Cookies


The cookies above are rich buttery Scottish Shortbread. They can be decorated with a background pattern, perhaps taken from your Wedding invitation, then printed with the date, venue and name of each individual guests; all edible of course.


Summer Dress Cookies


These girlie cookies make great Wedding favours for your lady guests.  Each one is beautifully decorated in summer colours and tiny sugar flowers.

The cookies are then tied in cellophane bags and trimmed with ribbon in any colour to match your theme.


Kilted Gingerbread

Scottish gingerbread men can be in any tartan you so wish and are sure to put a grin on the faces of your male guests.



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