Floral Wedding Cakes

Rainbow Sugarcraft specialise in making stunning sugarcraft flowers to compliment our wedding cake designs. We can replicate almost any flower in sugarcraft as a lasting memento of your Wedding Day.

Rainbow Sugarcraft is particularly renowned for outstanding hand crafted sugar flowers which are considered indistinguishable from real flowers at their most beautiful.  These can last a lifetime - the perfect finishing touch to your cake and a wonderful keepsake for years to come.


You may choose bold, vibrant colours or delicate pastels; incorporate seasonal or exotic flowers or why not put us in contact with your florist and we can create a sugar craft bouquet to match your Wedding flowers to perfection.


 Photographs cannot do justice to the superb workmanship and skill required to produce truly realistic sugar flowers.  Each leaf, stamen, bud and bloom is individually crafted in several stages.   


Great care is taken with colouring and shading; a rose may take several applications of edible petal dust in a variety of different shades to achieve just the right result.

 The high level of detail is what makes these Wedding cakes not just beautiful but quite exceptional.


The bouquets and sprays are made well in advance of the Wedding, this means that fresh sponge cakes can be used if you prefer these to traditional, heavier fruit cakes.  The sugar flowers are designed to be easy for caterers to remove and we can provide you with instructions on care of your flowers so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Flowers are characteristically associated with Wedding cakes and roses are a timeless decoration; the most commonly requested flower for our Wedding Cakes, we can also hand craft these for you to decorate your own Wedding Cake.


Fashions are changing from sugar roses in delicate pastel shades to rich, vibrant colours.  Sugarcraft flowers are hand-crafted and can be in any shade you wish; you'll find most of your Wedding guests will not be able to distinguish them from fresh flowers!


Sugarcraft foliage in varying shades of green add realism to Wedding Cake arrangements and we can incorporate sparkling crystals and pearls to give a unique and modern finish to traditional Wedding Cake designs.


We're also happy to decorate your wedding cake with fresh flowers, which have the advantage of smelling divine.   We can either deliver an undecorated wedding cake to the reception, for your own florist to complete, or arrange for one of our team to add flowers of your choice at the venue.  We have an in-house florist who will be happy to advise you on your choice of flowers.


Of course if you choose to have sugarcraft flowers you do have the advantage of keeping your bouquets, so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Flowers are characteristically associated with Wedding cakes, especially roses and lilies.  But we are happy to reproduce almost any flower to make an elegant and sophisticated Wedding cake.  Choose from Scottish thistles and heather, for a real Scottish Wedding celebration to more modern designs, with Vintage sugar roses or boldly shaded callas.


Sugarcraft flowers are hand-crafted and can be in any shade you wish - they always seem to amaze Wedding guests!


Of course we're also happy to decorate your cake with fresh blooms.  However, due to the fragility of some fresh flowers they may not be suitable for your Wedding Cake.  It is usually best to avoid tulips, poppies or other delicate flowers.  Gerberas, lilies, sea-holly, roses and fresh fruits are usually hardy enough to last the duration of your reception without any signs of wilting.  


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