When should I book my Wedding Cake?

It is helpful if you can  order your Wedding Cake at least six months in advance, especially if the celebration is during the busier summer months, when we do get fully booked for some dates.   However we often accept orders for 'last minute cakes'  so please do ask  - we even surprise ourselves sometimes.



I don't like fruit cake, can we have a sponge?
Yes, of course. 

You may choose any flavour you wish from a tried and tested delicious repertoire including American Carrot Cake, Rich Adult Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cake with Home Made Double Lemon Filling, Italian Cream Cake, Tropical Fruit Cake, Pineapple and Walnut Light Fruit Cake, Ginger Pecan Torte, Raspberry, Vanilla or Orange Sponges, or even a rich Citron Vodka Cake generously spiked with Lemon Vodka - one of our personal favourites but not for the faint hearted!   

We also make gluten free and dairy free cakes.  Some couples like to have mixed tiers to cater for all tastes so you could have a bottom tier of 12" Double Lemon Cake, 9" Rich Belgian Chocolate Cake and a 6" Fruit Cake on top, all decorated in a matching style.



Can you decorate a cake made by my Mom?

Your Mom may have a favourite family recipe and we should be delighted to complete the cake for you.  It is better to provide a completely un-iced cake - no offence to your Mom's culinary skills but we've had a few odd shapes to contend with in the past! Alternatively you can purchase sprays of flowers or toppers to be placed on a finished cake.



Can we have fresh flowers?

We shall be happy to supply a plain iced cake and deliver this to your venue for your florist to decorate in a style to match your Wedding bouquets.  We also work with a brilliant florist who can make up sprays to complete your cake and we can assemble this for you at the venue.



Can we keep the top tier for an Anniversary?

Fruit cakes can only safely be kept for a few months and sponges need to be eaten within a week.  It is possible to freeze cakes and then re-ice them for an anniversary, though you may prefer to do this with a larger, middle tier.  Better still is to order a fresh Anniversary or Christening Cake made to the same delicious recipe.


How should I store  sugarcraft bouquets and decorations?
These should be kept out of direct sunlight which can fade colours.   Ideally flowers need a dry environment with some air circulation, inside a glass cabinet would be ideal.  Perspex containers can also be purchased so you can put your flowers on display and continue to enjoy them long after your Wedding.  



I've chosen the design I want but  I'm going to need a lot more cake to feed my guests.

Square cutting cakes can be provided, these will be covered in the same style as your main Wedding Cake and can be kept in the kitchen and used to provide extra slices for all your guests.



I've really set my heart on a three tier cake but we'll never eat that much!

Certain tiers can easily be substituted for dummy cakes which are iced in exactly the same way as the real cake and no-one will be able to tell the difference, so long as you don't cut into the dummy at the reception!


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