Cutting The Croquembouche

Traditional french Croquembouche
A not so Traditional Cake Cutting Cermeony!

In France it is customary to whack the croquembouche with a broom shank, or the side of a sword, so it shatters into a pile of flying choux buns. 

These are caught in the bridesmaids' dresses - fun but a bit messy.


Selina and Jason had their own take on the tradition and sent us their photographs ...



"I just wanted to write a massive Thank you for creating our Wedding Croquembouche.  It was perfect and it tasted delicious!


People were still munching on it at 3am that night.


We did try the 'traditional' knocking it down with a sword but it went a bit messy!


Instead of pieces flying out so that we could catch them in a tablecloth, the top of the cake just sliced off and slid onto the floor!


But it was all rescued and eaten anyway - we're not a fussy bunch!


We had an amazing Wedding day and everyone is still talking about the cake now!


Thanks again and all the best

Selina and Jason"

Kenmore Hotel,



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This is the basket Message