Contemporary Claydough Figures

Contemporary Claydough Bride and Groom
Brown and Blonde Brides and Grooms
Price: £9.30 Quantity:

These contemporary figures are sold singly and are ideal for adding character to your Wedding Cake. Can also be used as Bridesmaids and Best Men.


You can customise these figures using our range of dusting colours in the consumable section. They are available in eleven variations, which are all standing figures.

Blonde Bride ~ Brunette Bride
Short haired Groom Brown Haired ~Short haired Groom Blonde Blonde Bride in Trousers ~ Brunette Bride in Trousers
Bald Groom in Cream Suit ~Bald Groom in Dark Suit
Coloured Bride ~ Coloured Groom
They also work really well with the sitting Brides and Grooms.

120 - 125mm



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