Autumn Roses

Orange and Gold Belgian Chocolate Roses
Chocolate roses can be shaded any colour to match your theme, here rich autumnal colours were used for a September Wedding

Our handmade chocolate roses can be made to suit almost any colour theme from creamy white to dramatic black.


If you are having a multi tiered cake you can also choose to have a different flavour for each layer, and this doesn't affect the price of your cake so it's fun to be able to give your guests plenty of choices at the Reception.  


You can opt for traditional Vanilla, Lemon and Chocolate sponges, which all have double fillings of coulis the fresh flavoured buttercreams,  or opt for something a little out of the ordinary like the award-winning Lemon Vodka Cake, Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake, light as a feather Italian Cream Cake or moist Ginger and Toasted Pecan Torte.


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